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DUOKESI-DVR,CAR DVR Travelling data recorder,tachograph

DUOKESI-DVR,CAR DVR Travelling data recorder,tachograph,Duokeshi DUOKESI tachograph love version of WDR wide dynamic 1080p high-definition night vision angle, wide dynamic WDR and clearest night vision, shooting angle, the most widely, the tachograph and Duokeshi, enjoy intelligent life, experience the future, audience genuine, free election without worry! Tachograph, network shopping preferred Duokeshi, authentic licensed fine service. The instrument that records the tachograph vehicle on the way of image and sound and other relevant information. Install the recorder, to record the car the whole process of video image and sound, can provide evidence for the traffic accident. Love traveling people, can also use it to record the conquest of the hardships and dangers. When driving, walking video, while the time, speed and position are recorded in the video, a black box". Can also be at home DV shooting fun in life, or as the use of home monitoring. Usually also can do parking monitoring, installation of driving recorder, video data can not be cut, if cut, after the accident is not able to provide help. Now the society is to prevent the inevitable pengci behavior.
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